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Concerning the party on friday

While I sat alone around the campfire slightly toasted from a half-o-bowl rip I’d taken from my good buddy, I got intensely irritated.

I had been enticed into going to this party by my good friend Haylee and there were promises of booze, weed, and people. I now regret the fuck out of going.

Now Haylee is a really cool chick, but her friends are the most vapid pieces of shit I have ever met in my life.

I had to sit through 5 girls all getting together and hiding out for 20 minutes because one of them “liked a guy there”. I’ll probably expound upon why I hate this in a different post.

One dickweed in a shitty red and white hat was constantly hitting on this gal all night, and his desperation gave me really bad vibes.

I didn’t drink a thing that night, I just got pretty blazed, so maybe I was just out of the social loop, but I felt intensely segregated from these fucking West Boylston kids.

Regardless, I don’t care.

I smoked.

I observed.

I thought.

I thought more than those fucking dick West Boylston kids do in a fucking year.

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